Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • Q) What humidity and temperature do you store your cigars at?
  • A) We store all of our cigars in state of the art humidors which are constantly monitored. Humidity is between 64-67% relative humidity, and temperature is between 18-21c. After many years of extensive research and trials, we have concluded that this range is optimal for smoking and storage (especially for Cuban cigars).


  • Q) Can I buy a full box of cigars from you?
  • A) Yes you can. Please contact us via email/phone/live chat to discuss a box purchase.


  • Q) What happens if my cigars arrive damaged?
  • A) We ship all our packages with extensive bubble wrap and adequate cushioning. We have tested all of our own packaging techniques with high pressure durability tests that amplify any damage that might occur during the postal process. If our packaging can withstand our own testing, then it will definitely get to you in perfect condition. That being said, if somehow a package does arrive to you damaged, please contact our team, and we'll make it right. 


  • Q) Where do you get your cigars from?
  • A) All our cigars have been sourced from reputable distributors that have been properly vetted and verified.